Friday, February 10, 2017

Calling All 13th Age Fans

Hey, 13th Age fans! As +Minor Illusion mentioned, the call is going out for submissions for the new 13th Age fanzine: Escalation! Your submissions are welcome and encouraged. Not only do we need content, but we also need fantasy art (your own creations only, please), help with the layout, and an eye-catching logo. Send your content or questions to escalationfanzine(at)

Not sure what kind of content is appropriate for a fanzine? Here are some ideas, but please don't limit yourself to the categories below. If you think of other suggestions, add them to the comments.

• Your take on locations in the Dragon Empire
• Alternate icons
• Monsters
• House rules
• Short adventures
• Races
• Classes
• Magic items
• Consumables, such as potions
• GM advice, especially if it's 13th Age specific
• Examples of One Unique Thing
• NPCs associated with the icons
• Improved/redesigned character sheets
• Creative uses of the escalation die
• Random monster ability tables

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