Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pre-Gens by Sarah Miller and Ben Roby

In 2013 and 2014, Sarah Miller and Ben Roby created pre-gen characters for the Tales of the 13th Age organized play adventures.  They were kind enough to share these beautifully made character sheets via their 13th Age Tale Spinners blog, and Pelgrane Press even linked to them from the 13th Age Downloads and Resources page.  These character sheets have been unavailable for the past couple years, but they're now available once more for your enjoyment.  Download them all at the Vault of the 13th Age.

As a special treat, Character Sheets 6.0 through 8.0 were never shared on their blog, so this is the first opportunity for the general public to download these level 4 and level 6 pre-gens.

Here's a list of what you can find in each file.  Please note that Character Sheets 6.0 aren't available without background images.
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 1.0 – Level 2 characters for Crown of the Lich King
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 2.0 – Level 2 characters for Wyrd of the Wild Wood
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 3.0 – Level 2 characters for Quest in the Cathedral
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 4.0 – Level 2 characters for Shadow Port Shuffle
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 5.0 – Level 4 characters for Wrath of the Orc Lord (leveled-up versions of Character Sheets 3.0)
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 6.0 – Level 4 characters (leveled-up versions of Character Sheets 2.0)
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 7.0 – Level 4 characters, including 13 True Way classes (leveled-up versions of Character Sheets 4.0)
  • Pre-Generated Character Sheets 8.0 – Level 6 characters, including 13 True Way classes (leveled-up versions of Character Sheets 1.0)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Articles Needed: The Underworld & Its Living Dungeons

We're kicking off the production of Issue 6 with a request for articles related to the theme The Underworld & Its Living Dungeons.  The underworld includes not only subterranean areas in general, but the Dragon Empire's equivalent of the Underdark, and could even include the Hells or the Abyss if your game places them in a literal underground.  And living dungeons explain those weird dungeon ecologies that you may have read about in old D&D modules.  Here are some ideas to get you, our dedicated and helpful fans, thinking about content that you can contribute.

  • What lies deep, deep underground, where the ecology is truly alien?
  • Where do living dungeons come from?  Why are they pushing their way to the surface?
  • Send us your awesome living dungeon or a dungeon-based adventure.  Blue graph paper maps are optional!
  • Does the Abyss or the Hells exist in a literal underworld?  Explore that!
  • Underground locations and how they tie to the icons.
  • If the Dragon Empire's world is flat, what happens if you go too far underground?
  • Are there particular talents, spells, or class features that you'd add to a campaign focused on the underworld?
  • What former icons might be trapped underground?  Are their factions still active?
  • We always love monsters, so think about some of your favorites that have never received a proper 13th Age treatment, or make up monsters of your own!
  • What's the underworld like in Glorantha?  How can it be used in 13th Age Glorantha games?

Take a look at the link at the top right corner of the page for submission guidelines and contact information.  Please spread the word and help us create an issue that would do the Stone Thief proud!

[Updated 5-July-2018] Requested content related to the Glorantha concept of the underworld. Changed some references from "underground" to "underworld."