Monday, November 6, 2017

Article Requests for Issue 3

The theme for Issue 3 is Festivals.  While the issue's December release will surely evoke thoughts of Christmas, we seek to include a lot more than that.  Here are some ideas to get you, our dedicated and helpful fans, thinking about content that you can contribute.

  • What other holidays are celebrated in the Dragon Empire?  What events are being commemorated?
  • What do these celebrations look like?
  • Do other races have holidays of their own?  Or do they celebrate universal holidays in their own way?
  • The Dragon Empire is described as a big, flat disk.  Does that impact the frequency of holidays that would otherwise follow a solar calendar?  A lunar calendar?
  • What temporary or permanent magic items might best capture the feel of the Dragon Empire's various holidays?
  • What festivals aren't tied to holidays?  What do they look like?  Why are they celebrated?
  • Can you think of a one-shot adventure that fits the festival theme?
  • What monsters might take advantage of a festival?

Please spread the word and help us celebrate (get it?) the upcoming issue!

Image from Jean Charles Meissonier.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Issue 2 Has Been Updated

Gremlins. We hate them. A couple cropped up in the 2nd issue of Escalation, most notably the changing of Dax Thomas' name to Max Thomas. Sorry, Dax! Also, we incorrectly included the stats for the base Gelatinous Cube in the Especially Nasty Haunted Gelatinous Cube. These Gremlins have been squashed, and updated files have been placed in the Vault (

Single page version here:

2 page spread print version here:

See you all in December for Issue 3!

Image from kikicianjur on Deviant Art.