Friday, September 15, 2017

Escalation! Submission Guidelines

As we put together Issue 2 of Escalation! we thought it might be helpful to provide our imaginative and generous contributors with some guidelines for future submissions.  By standardizing the way we receive articles and art, it aids us in spending less time doing file conversions and more time making Escalation! the best fanzine we possibly can.  If you'd like to suggest an update to our guidelines, please comment below and provide a brief justification.


  • Please send the article or art as an email attachment to
  • Articles should be labeled, "Submission: [article title], [your last name]" in the subject.
  • Art should be labeled, "Art: [subject] (e.g., orc smashing things), [your last name]" in the subject.
  • Be sure to include your name in the article and as part of the file name for art.
Note: all contributions give permission for Escalation! to print the article or art, or excerpts from, in all issues of Escalation! and in advertising for the fanzine in perpetuity, unless other arrangements have been made.


Please send article contributions in .RTF format or as a Google Doc.


Please send art as a .JPG, 300dpi file. If a file is particularly large, consider sending it via, a free service for sending large files, or Google Docs. 
If you have any problems or difficulties, please contact us at

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