Saturday, May 12, 2018

Additional Glorantha-Themed Articles Needed

As we mentioned in our post a month ago, the theme for Escalation Issue 5 is "Glorantha."  We've received some great entries already, but we'll need more to complete the issue.  I know Glorantha is new to many 13th Age fans, and that 13th Age is new to many Glorantha fans, so it's understandable that a lot of folks who are regular contributors to Escalation! are unsure how they can help with this issue.  If this describes you, here are a few ideas that I came up with:

  • If you're familiar with 13th Age, how can Glorantha monsters be modeled with existing 13th Age monsters?  There are lots of ideas in 13th Age Glorantha (13G), so select one and stat it out, coming up with imaginative names for features and abilities, so the monster entry is a good match for the Glorantha creature it models.
  • If you're a Glorantha expert, but are new to 13th Age, try taking one of the Glorantha races that didn't appear in 13G, and create a 13th Age race.  Races are quite simple in 13th Age, so this would allow you to dip a toe in the system with one of the easiest mechanical entries.
  • If you're familiar with Glorantha and understand the high-heroic nature of 13th Age, but don't know the system's mechanics, how about an article with heroic plot hooks that a GM who's new to Glorantha can make use of?
  • If you're a 13th Age expert and understand Glorantha runes, you could categorize Dragon Empire monsters by rune.  If you want something a bit more challenging, replace the handful of core class abilities that rely on icon relationships with a runic equivalent.

I hope this helps spark your imagination.  You don't need to be a master of both 13th Age and Glorantha to create an awesome article.  Having expertise in one, but only familiarity with the other is enough to help us—and the community—out.  Please spread the word and help us create a truly mythic issue!