Sunday, February 26, 2017

GM Advice

13th Age was written with experienced GMs in mind.  What tips do you have that will help beginner GMs run a successful adventure?  A whole campaign?  What advice do you wish had been passed along to you prior to running 13th Age, or even RPGs in general?

Share your GM advice with the community by emailing us your ideas for inclusion in the upcoming issue of Escalation!

Image from Zutyn on Deviant Art.

Story Seeds

Do you have story seeds that you can share with the 13th Age community?  These are short descriptions of interesting settings, a small number of characters, an event that has just occurred or is about to occur, or some other tidbit that can grow into an adventure.  Story seeds often leave you wanting more.  Questions are raised and left to the reader to answer on their own.

Get creative and send us some story seeds that we can include in the upcoming first issue.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Escalation! Logo

Artist and volunteer +Kris Wagner did an awesome job creating a logo for Escalation!  I can't wait to see this grace the cover of the first issue.

There's still plenty of time to send your content, so please email that to us.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Send Us Your Icon-Related NPCs

Escalation! a 13th Age Fanzine wants your favorite icon-related NPCs for its first issue! Please share a short description of an NPC associated with one of the icons by emailing escalationfanzine(at)

Here's an example, to get you started:

Castellan of Drakenhall

Physical description - Male blue dragonspawn who walks with a limp

Motivations - power (he is happy in his position but wants to rise higher), greed (he's been taking a portion of the tolls charged at the gate)

Secret - "I know what the Blue's secret project is and why she hides it from the Red and the Black."

Calling All 13th Age Fans

Hey, 13th Age fans! As +Minor Illusion mentioned, the call is going out for submissions for the new 13th Age fanzine: Escalation! Your submissions are welcome and encouraged. Not only do we need content, but we also need fantasy art (your own creations only, please), help with the layout, and an eye-catching logo. Send your content or questions to escalationfanzine(at)

Not sure what kind of content is appropriate for a fanzine? Here are some ideas, but please don't limit yourself to the categories below. If you think of other suggestions, add them to the comments.

• Your take on locations in the Dragon Empire
• Alternate icons
• Monsters
• House rules
• Short adventures
• Races
• Classes
• Magic items
• Consumables, such as potions
• GM advice, especially if it's 13th Age specific
• Examples of One Unique Thing
• NPCs associated with the icons
• Improved/redesigned character sheets
• Creative uses of the escalation die
• Random monster ability tables