Thursday, April 12, 2018

Glorantha Articles Needed

In celebration of the release of 13th Age Glorantha (13G), the theme for Escalation Issue 5 is "Glorantha."  Here are some ideas to get you, our dedicated and helpful fans, thinking about content that you can contribute.

  • How can 13G classes, races, and monsters be used in 13A's Dragon Empire setting?
  • What Glorantha monsters and NPCs from other systems didn't make it into 13G?  Send us your conversions.
  • Do you prefer the rune system to the icon system?  If so, what's your advice to GMs?  Should they be adopted for 13th Age games set in the Dragon Empire?  Can the ideas and examples for runes presented in 13G be used to help GMs run games with the icon system?
  • Have you incorporated heroquesting (myth-crawling) into your Dragon Empire game?  Did you need to make changes, since the gods are more distant in that setting?
  • Have heroquest gifts inspired you to introduce similar bonuses that aren't reliant upon magic items?

Please spread the word and help us create a truly mythic issue!

Image from Merlkir.

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