Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Random Monster Ability Tables and More Monsters

I don't know about you, but I find the random monster ability tables in the 13th Age core book very helpful.  I'm specifically referring to the Dire, Dragon, and Demon tables, which allow each monster of this type to be unique with little effort on the part of the GM.  With the roll of a d12, you know that the dragon your PCs are facing can shapeshift into humanoid form.  That can have interesting campaign implications that you hadn't considered before rolling that die.

Escalation! would be richer, indeed, if we receive new random monster tables that GMs can put to good use.  For example, I've seen a system that provides random tables to generate unique undead.  Perhaps you could come up with a table of unique trolls, whose regenerative abilities and interaction with Icons' forces have resulted in some truly unusual specimens.  Please email those tables to us for inclusion in the fanzine.

And if random tables aren't your thing, how about some new monsters?  What have you created for your home game that the community could enjoy?  Send them our way!

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